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At The Walnut Club, we expect that each member will follow a standard code of conduct and embrace our set of guiding principles to ensure we cultivate the best community. We ask this because we believe it maintains a sense of goodwill, it allows our members to feel invested in their own experience and that of their club peers, and because we want you to be inspired to take advantage of all that we have to offer.


The following Guiding Principles should act as your map to positive club behavior and sharing in a safe, trustworthy, and enjoyable environment.


Lead with authenticity.

We are genuine, trustworthy, honest, and dependable women.


Be kind.

Kindness is an intrinsic part of our character. We go out of our way to be welcoming and respectful to our fellow members, hosts, and special guests. Pay kindness forward every day and make each day matter, and a little bit brighter, for those in our community.


Value diversity.

We foster a community that is diverse, open, and tolerant. Each member brings a set of knowledge, skills, and abilities to contribute and we value diverse perspectives so we can make the very best decisions we can for the greater good of The Walnut Club.


Be inclusive.

Help create an inviting, safe, and welcoming environment for your fellow members and guests. If you see someone standing alone at an event, invite them to be a part of your conversation and make introductions. You never know what kind of connections you could make with a simple, “Hello.”


Practice gratitude.

Through acts of positivity and gratefulness, we strive to be thankful for those things we hold most valuable in our lives. We also recognize not only what is good in our lives, but who we have to thank for those gifts, and what sacrifices were made so that we could be happy.


Be inspired and inspiring.

We are in awe of one another’s accomplishments and encourage each member to support other club members in their success and to help overcome challenges. We encourage positive dialogue and constructive feedback to help one another grow. Serve other members in acts of friendship, mentorship, and support.


Give and the world gives back.

We’re a platform to help you grow your professional and personal lives. We’re not just a marketplace for pushing business cards or products. When you do discuss and promote your business, we ask that you have some sensitivity to how often you ask your peers to participate in your marketing campaigns. Contribute the thing to the club that you want most and you'll be amazed at what you get in return. Look at all opportunities as a way to share and engage generosity, and you'll see your efforts multiplied in ways you couldn't have imagined.


Pay it forward.

We recognize that we are part of something greater than ourselves. We are cause-worthy and purpose-driven. We believe that small acts can change the world for the better and lend our time, expertise, and support whenever possible.


We are each accountable for our own actions.

We are responsible for our thoughts and behavior, whether deliberate or unintentional. A responsible person makes mistakes but, when they do, they take responsibility and make it right.


Live fully and have fun!

This is a community of women who like to have fun and want to connect with others for meaning and friendship. Enjoying ourselves and participating in social activities fosters new relationships and friends, and can help transform the areas of your life that matter most.