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The Walnut Club is a private, members only 501c(6) Non Profit organization for professional women. Membership dues may be tax deductible as a business expense, especially if you are a business owner. Please consult your account to find out if your dues would qualify as a deduction.



Membership with The Walnut Club is on an annual basis. Dues are $720 for the year or $60 per month. We are currently offering a Special Promotion!  Save $60 if you pay the annual dues of $660 up front!  Most our events and activities are inclusive of your dues. Since The Walnut Club is a non-profit 501c(6) most of our revenue gets reinvested into our members & programming. 



Is your company investing in you by covering your membership dues? If so, please select the company membership option below, which is $1,000 per year with the option to pay in monthly installments of $100. You would be the primary member and in the event you are unable to attend an event, your company can send another colleague on their behalf.



Those working for a Non-Profit, or are running a Start Up that is under 3 years old, are able to take advantage of our discounted membership of $500 per year or have the option to pay $50 per month.



Interested in becoming a Woman of Walnut? Apply today and we will get back to you within a week on the status of your application.



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