Our Difference
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"Find a Group of People Who Challenge & Inspire You, Spend Time With Them, And it Will Change Your Life."

- Amy Poehler



      Together, we can achieve anything!                
  The Walnut Club is a premium networking and social organization for women who strive for excellence in every area of their lives. We offer more than just a business network. We offer a community of like-minded individuals bolstering each other’s lives, careers and dreams.

Our programming goes beyond a business card exchange. Our members believe that cultivating meaningful relationships is the key to success. 


Our mission


The Walnut Club is dedicated to promoting the advancement of women and celebrating their achievements. We accomplish this by providing our members with intimate networking opportunities, enriching educational and social experiences, and curated events featuring leaders in government, business, nonprofits, and the arts. Developing leaders is important to us, which is why our community naturally cultiates cross-generational mentorship opportunities. Additionally, we also offer a structured mentorship program that runs half the year. 


Established in Philadelphia in 2015, The Walnut Club is a 501c(6) non-profit that invests in our members and have also forged partnerships with other women's networks across the city. Our members benefit by receiving discounted partner tickets for various events happening all across the city.



Who are the Women of Walnut (WOW)?


Independently, we are fierce. Together, we are unstoppable.


The Women of Walnut - or WOW, as we like to call ourselves-  are a vibrant community of take-action women who are smart, driven, accomplished, and civic-minded. We are for women who are averse to "networking" in a traditional sense, and crave ways to develop meaningful and fruitful connections with other like-minded women. 


While the majority of our live and work in Center City, we also have an active membership on the Main Line (about 40%). Our members comprise a sphere of influence, as over 60% of our members are self-starting entrepreneurs or are C-Level executives. 


Interested in joining The Walnut Club?


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