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The Walnut Club is a private, members only 501c(6) Non Profit organization for professional women. Membership dues may be tax deductible as a business expense, especially if you are a business owner. Please consult your account to find out if your dues would qualify as a deduction.



Membership with The Walnut Club is on an annual basis. Dues are $720 for the year or $60 per month. We are currently offering a Special Promotion!  Save $60 if you pay the annual dues of $660 up front!  Most of our events and activities are inclusive of your dues. Since The Walnut Club is a non-profit 501c(6) most of our revenue gets reinvested into our members & programming.


Those working for a Non-Profit, or are running a Start Up that is under three years old, are able to take advantage of our discounted membership of $500 per year or have the option to pay $50 per month.



Is your company investing in you by covering your membership dues? If so, please select the company membership option below, which is $1,000 per year with the option to pay in monthly installments of $100. You would be the primary member and in the event you are unable to attend an event, your company can send another colleague on their behalf.



Note: Access to our private club (and member directory) is available only to women who are seeking to build relationships and grow personally and professionally. It is not for women who are looking for a new group of women to "sell" to. Therefore, all members must comply with our anti-spam and no-MLM solicitation policy.


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